Desktop Computer Intel Core 2 DUO 4THGEN (3.0 Ghz)

 15,500.00  12,500.00

Shoppers Nepal Desktop Features

Shoppers Nepal Core 2 DUO desktops are specially designed for basic level designing purpose. However, although it’s used by the best component, it’s built for the best economical Designing desktop ever. We challenge you to Get On the best economical one. Let us give you the tools to take you to top.

Product Usage

Nepal Core 2 DUO desktops desktop are specially designed economical desktops. Specially designed for reduce the cost of medium usage system

Recommended Usage

  • Documents Works (Like The complete work based on word, Excel and presentation kind of things)
  • Browsing Related works
  • Accounting works
  • CRM Based works
  • All system based basic usage
  • Spatiality of Shoppers Nepal Desktops
  • All the Components used for Shoppers Nepal Assembled PC are Branded and having direct manufacturer warranty
  • All the models are designed for various unique performance.
  • Computer configuration are suggested by Professional’s Computer Engineers ensuring quality Performance.
  • Recommend Configuration is selected for Best Performance